Who wants to live forever? – the limits of FIFA’s timeless digital athletes

On Saturday March 30, 2019, real life attempted to mirror the appeal of a videogame by bringing together athletes that were some of the greatest players of their age.
How then does a real-life ‘dream team’ compared to their pixel perfect, ageless avatars?

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Bloodborne: Can videogames genres ever die, or do they become….. something else

Unlike humans, genres arguably never die.  But much like us, they do get older, adapting in unique ways to the rigours of time, while stubbornly sticking to other things they maybe should have let go.  Out of this, greatness is sometimes haphazardly realised

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Human Fall Flat and Bound – The mundane wonder of movement in videogames

One is a charming and intentionally plodding physics-based experiment in 3D platforming, the other a balletic and otherworldly exploration of someone’s mind. Human Fall Flat and Bound are world’s apart as gaming concepts, yet both marvel in the fluidity, invention and human fascination with movement, dance and overcoming physical limitations.

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