Of gods and monsters: Smash Brothers Ultimate – the greatest, most terrifying Pokemon game ever made

In Smash Brothers Ultimate, Pokemon are not just rivals fighters, but something unknowable, untouchable and even god-like with their terrifying ability to weaponise the sun or literally turn a world on its head, regardless of one’s skill.

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The gaming year in Tweets

Squareblind looks over an entire year of videogaming through the prism of social media. This is a year that saw legitimate questions about the human toll of an intense game development schedule in order to generate a commercially successful digital world that promises the lifelike spectacle of a realistic horse’s backside.  Everything has a cost.

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Human Fall Flat and Bound – The mundane wonder of movement in videogames

One is a charming and intentionally plodding physics-based experiment in 3D platforming, the other a balletic and otherworldly exploration of someone’s mind. Human Fall Flat and Bound are world’s apart as gaming concepts, yet both marvel in the fluidity, invention and human fascination with movement, dance and overcoming physical limitations.

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