Square Enix Season – a lesson in gaming remakes and crafting a modern Mana adventure

A 2020 remake of Trials of Mana seeks to graft the game’s setting and structure onto a 3D Map, while adding new gameplay mechanics to help spruce in combat for the Dark Souls era. However, does the addition of more modern, generic mechanics and current gen graphical flair to the same story and characters improve and enhance something intended for gamers over a quarter of a century ago?

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Zelda Month – Send in the clones: the series’ best…. or most interesting.. 2D copycats

When considering the success that Nintendo has had with the Legend of Zelda series dating back to the 1980s, it is not surprising that developers will have been influenced by the action adventure classic.

However, it is testament to the flexibility of the series that developers are continuing to this day to try and take bold, and not so bold approaches to recreate the earliest Zelda games with some interesting tweaks to gameplay, story and tone.

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