Super Smash Brothers on N64 – the ultimate smash?

The original dozen characters in the first Smash Brothers game were a revelation in just how many played almost exactly as if they were an actual standalone Kirby, Yoshi or 2D Legend of Zelda game.

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Spinning plates – Simulated chaos in Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2, much like its predecessor, is a kitchen chaos simulator, yet the game is only tangentially about food. Its universal appeal is arguably more based on throwing a group of friends or strangers together and seeing the sparks fly as they fail to get the dishes done.

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Into the Breach – the immersive appeal of the digital board game

In a world of ubiquitous microcomputers, the humble board game should be an anachronism consigned to a pre-digital age of entertainment.  Yet the stripped back experience of rolling dice, picking cards and moving pieces around a board within carefully structured rules seemingly lends itself to good video game design based on the idea of doing more with less.

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