Russian Doll: taking purpose from a life of gaming

Russian Doll is not the first TV show or movie to contemplate our overall purpose in the universe, or lack thereof, whilst trapped in a time loop. 

However, the show offers some insightful perspective about the power of playing out the same experiences over and over again – whether in a real world or a videogame.

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Zelda Month – 35 years of adventure in the great wide somewhere

After 35 years, the Legend of Zelda series remains an important fixture in the broad tapestry of videogames – an icon for digital adventurers. However, after decades of inspiring a range of imitators and ground breaking RPGs, the series is playfully discarding many longstanding tropes and staples to experiment and play around with a host of new gameplay mechanics popularised in everything from Dark Souls to Donkey Konga.

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