Flixels: The hunt for the definitive videogame movie #1 Ready Player One (2018)


In the first of a new series of podcasts considering just what exactly is a videogame movie, we start off with 2018’s Ready Player One.

The sci-fi fantasy, based on the book of the same name by Ernest Cline, is directed by Steven Spielberg and asks what might become of a society that pins both its meaning and future on escaping into immersive VR worlds.

Does it capture why millions, if not billions around the world escape into games and digital worlds to stave off the pressures and even mundanity of life.  Alternatively, does it rather present a highly possible future where everyone becomes an insufferable arsehole, regardless of whether you are faceless minion of a mega corporation or a naïve youth struggling to break through restrictive societal barriers through exploits in games?

Squareblind co-founders Josh Hewer and Neil Merrett, Journalist and writer, JJ Robinson, and our resident PC ‘ubermensch’ Daniel Jones consider whether the film is a timely and entertaining videogame film for the Twitch generation.

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