Golf (Story) is a good walk spoiled

Shock news… Golf Story is a great game. And it’s a great simulation of Golf. Sure it’s a fantastically off-the-wall RPG, but it also captures how golf ruins your life in a very simple way.

Churchill and Twain both pointed about that golf is a waste of time. And perhaps this is why in Golf Story you spend time nailing skeletons with balls, collecting eggs and hunting a werewolf. What I wouldn’t wish for such a distraction during my own golf games, IRL.

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Golf is Kewl

No one wants a Double Bogey

Golf is an odd game. In football, if a goal goes in at your end you can knuckle down and turnaround the game by slotting one in at the other end. Unless your planning on playing Manchester City.

Golf doesn’t work this way. And neither does Golf Story. Knock a single ball out of bounds and you’re two-nil down. And this is a game which runs tight. Par means something. Par is what you’re meant to get. Any excess shots bury you.

And what’s more there’s no quitting, you have to sit through potentially eight holes as your opponent sinks putt after putt. Or mega-eagle. Or a blue bird carrying your ball into the rough. And I’ve brought it back to Golf Story.

So that’s my (Golf) Story

But hit forty or so sweet balls and the pleasure is oh so sweet. Particularly when you’re playing a sneaky Lucky, whose using a power driver for teeing off and is colluding with those infuriating Cheeky Beak birds!

Whilst Golf Story is hardly a simulator, for me its captured the truest part of golf. The ecstasy and agony of barely getting par. Oh Golf (Story), how I love/hate you.


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