What was ‘The Best Year in Gaming’?

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Objective(?). WikiHow

The Games Awards will tonight crown 2017’s Game of The Year. Hotly contested, as the caliber as been so high this year. Only time will tell if 2017 becomes gaming’s best ever year, a title that is of course so subjective… But what if we where objective?


The world’s worst analysis

Polygon has recently curated a list of it’s 500 best ever games. This is our data source for this exercise, so clearly there are flaws in this analysis (sample size, not editorial quality).

Importantly: our list will miss out 2017 along with some other caveats. You’ll find the data mapped out below, I’ve also categorized primary platform and I also want to explore some other analysis later on so stay tuned.


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The definition of Winner. Buzzfeed

Winner Is…


Two years have over 20 entries: 1999 & 2010. What do they have in common?

Firstly, Dreamcast aside, the two years represent the dogs days of respective console cycles. Meaning developers put forward a last hurrah on the respective systems. First year launch titles are rarely decent.

2010 is particularly heavy with sequels, putting further credence of developer experience and confidence in their respective vehicles.

Does this even matter?

As I peruse these games, I get thinking that nostalgia is perhaps a better indicator than anything else. My formative years in gaming were 1998-2000. Whether it be fandom’s obsession with Half-Life III or the rose-tinted fixation on Red and Blue: My age is representative of many of those who create these lists. So the median makes sense.

Polygon’s younger staff will be those new starters and 2010 would be their formative years. 2017 is a great year in games was 1999, 2010 and whatever other years are important to you. The Kinda Funny Games Cast included many others, but ultimately there isn’t a ‘Best Year in Gaming’ rather it’s whatever year was the best for you!

Either, its a great list to explore and a fantastic article.



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2 responses to “What was ‘The Best Year in Gaming’?

  1. Between all of the years of this decade so far, I think one could make a fairly strong case for 2017 being the best of any of them. 2013 gets a fair bit of praise, but I felt it was way too inconsistent; for every good game, there seemed to be two or more high-profile disasters. Though 2010 was great too, in 2017, the best games are so good, the worst barely stick out at all.


    • Alas we had no 2017 data! But you’re right. What I found quite interesting was the split… seems every 5 years or so we have a ‘great year in gaming’. I suspect it’s something to do with console cycles!


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