Poké-November: Seven times that Game Freak took the afternoon off

Neil’s had his Mario Month… It’s time for Josh’s month of Pokémon to celebrate Ultra Sun and Moon on the 17th.

We’ve got a month of Pokémon content coming up including a battle competition on our podcast between me, the Pokémaster and Neil the young contender!

Whilst I do love all the pocket monsters – sometimes even I have to admit Game Freak might be running out of ideas, lets take a look at the times they just wanted to leave the office…


So Sun and Moon are going to based in a fictional Hawaii. Cool, what do I know about the place? Don’t they wear Leis – and we’ve got another one.


Ok it’s the original game and we’re one pokémon short. Just draw a blob and we’ll have it copy other ones.




Man I want to go home. Look my keys are just sitting on my desk…



This job make me miss my wife and kids… Incessant demand for all these pokémon means I never get to go home. Man, I love my wife…. Hang on!

Image result for plusle MinunPlusle & Minum

People love that Pikachu, let’s just do that again. No better idea – lets do it twice. How will people tell them apart? Don’t worry about it.


What’s that noise? The binmen are here… hang on that’s a great idea. Stick some googly eyes on a trash bag and we’re done for the day.


Brainwave! We can make an ice type pokémon that looks like a ice cream cone. It’s got to evolve? We’ll just give it an extra scoop.


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Pokemon sprites sourced from Serebii.

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