Nothing wrong with conceding

Having got the Fallout Vault monkey off my back, I continue with my forays into mobile  gaming with Hearthstone. It’s a great 10 minute game, but either by hook and by crook, sometimes I’ll concede a match. If I concede is this Rage Quitting?

The question

Hearthstone is very different from what I’d normally play and is undoubtedly a fantastic game. As I geek out with it, I’ve been delving into forums, wikis and strategies to give myself the edge. And there’s a lot of it. During my nerd submersion, I stumbled across an interesting question on Polygon.

I just wanted to check everyone’s opinions on conceding matches. Personally, I hate it. 90% of the time (or more) when people concede, it’s when they’d lose the very next turn, anyway. Conceding is simply taking away the satisfaction of that last hit.

I’ve only conceded once, and that was because one of my kids woke up from a nightmare, so I conceded and went to tend to my daughter. Otherwise, I’ve taken every loss by letting my opponent get that last hit.

(Additionally, why do people concede? Most of the time it simply saves a few seconds, and that’s not. Maybe a minut til the end of the game, tops.)

Image result for troll doll

The worst. Wikipedia

This question, or at least its tone, initially really irked me. Why should somebody want to get the “satisfaction of that last hit”? Why should I sit their being toyed with when I and my opponent both know that I’m finished. I’ve never been a Troll, and whilst I know some of my colleagues are less honorable that me, I don’t get the virtual sadism.

Maybe I’m wrong?

Not about Trolling. But whilst I thought about writing this article, I played another game of Hearthstone. And I did an experiment. Let’s not concede. The results, I sat that through several humiliating final rounds.

Now we’re talking. Hearthstone Wikipedia.

Despite the Polygon commentator’s problems with my previous willingness to concede, I can’t say that all of my opponents treated me fairly. Its interesting reading over the Hearthstone etiquette guide. It should come as no surprise that showboating is seen as incredibly bad form. So as a counter to that, I’m happy to concede and save both of our times. Maybe I’m thinking too much about a game – sort of a key reason for this site – and certainly with player communication limited to six emotes, it’s nigh on impossible to fully understand player intentions.

Venting over

It has to be said that by giving a pause to my concessions, I did manage to turn at least one game: When I would have previously quit. But this experiment is over I’m making peace with conceding, I don’t care if it bothers you!


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