Writing the (game) bible

I’m very much an ideas man. But I’m determined to see my plan to make a video game through to the end. So here’s the next update on the process of making Black, White and Red All Over – the game document.

Seems to me that there 5 steps to making a video game:

  1. Idea
  2. Game Document
  3. Creation
  4. Quality control
  5. Release
Image result for game document

Its all very complicated. Luke Takeuchi

Document is all

We’ve all got great ideas for a video game, but beyond the elevator pitch – so excellently encapsulated by CoolGamesInc, it seems to me that the real work begins with the game document.

A game document or “bible” should cover everything about the game including a full walk-through of levels with maps and imaging, to an in depth description of how the game plays. This is where I’m currently at with Black, White and Red All Over. And it’s proving challenging, but it is essential to stream line the work and full understand the effort involved.

Luckily, there’s some great examples online, including the unreleased Saint Row portable. What I’m finding most challenging is the need to map out the entire game. I know the beginning and the end but if I don’t do it now I will come unstuck in the future.

Is it a document or a map?

Image result for goat puzzle broken sword

The famous goat. Gamasutra

As a point and click game, I’ve got to think of fiendish challenges and player pathing. This seems the real challenge, there won’t be any difficulty levels so it has got to be both challenging and accessible. There’s some infamous examples of bizarre game logic in adventure games and whilst that’s parts of the charm its probably better to keep these to a minimum!

In order to write my game document I’ve been using flash cards to map out player journeys which seem to be working and also this allows me to start play testing and getting player feedback as I really don’t want to have to re-scope afterwards.

I don’t know if this is something ‘proper’ game studios do, but its giving me a real sense of the game.


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