Algorithms RUIN gaming?

Whether its Uber or No Man’s Sky, algorithms are now part of almost every facet of our life. There’s definitely advantages to their use, but will this stifle creativity in the video game industry?

The robots are in charge

With big studios streamlining content production, No Man’s Sky wasn’t the first to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) although it was a very innovative use of the technology.  For most studios, algorithms are used to generate crowd behavior or asset scaling.

Wake up sheeple! IMDB

Further use of this technology means that games could be procedurally generated based on your interests. This sounds very exciting and reflects the demands of modern gamers and I dare say the me-culture of a generation native to social media.

The future’s in the cloud

One of the big complaints leveled at No Man’s Sky was it didn’t offer a story, despite gamers thinking it would. In part this was down to players putting there own expectations on what was possible in Murray’s game.

Whilst technically impressive, the game or current networking infrastructure means such expectations are currently impossible. No doubt this will change, but when it does what will this do gamers and games?

Image result for google ai creepy

Sure Google, its Art. Slate

Human engineering

Uber drivers are being rewired based on how the algorithm serves them information and importantly how they prioritize their actions based on this. If gamers are offered content based on algorithmic-defined preference. What will this mean for the future of gaming?

I’ve shown my age by already bemoaning how virtual reality is making us all worse. But there is something I love about human creativity that I don’t think a computer can ever match. Unfortunately, we are all wired to react to our own pleasure and laziness. Game companies know this is something they can tap into.

Celebrating Artificial Ignorance

The use of neural networks and other artificial intelligence isn’t new. For example, Supreme Commander 2 used Neural Networks for AI based on archetypes and that was published in 2010. I’m not saying I don’t want this sort of technology getting into gaming, I just want us to also celebrate human intelligence.

Until the robots take over, let’s laugh at our future overlords. At the very least, artificial intelligence is giving us some pretty funny game titles.


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