I Think I’ll Make A Game

Despite my own well meaning comments, I’ve got no real experience of making a game.

I say developers need to keep in mind commercial realities and gamers need to accept this, but what do I know! Sure, I’ve made better games than Blizzard, but this was only by using there own assets not to mention I never shared them!

Starting The Engine

So when I stumble across a completely free point-and-click adventure game engine thanks to a poorly constructed list of IoT UK vendors: It seems only fair that I give it a go! I have pretty rudimental art skills and with Neil’s help (we once thought about working on a Doctor Who comic, before squareblind), I thought this would be an interesting project, after my forays into brewing.

Brewing? Gaming? Just combine the two! Fiz: Brewery Management Game

Whilst I still plan to write other posts for this blog, I thought it would be an interesting thing to keep you all updated on: And with in mind, and no further adieu – let me introduce Black, White and Red All Over (working title).

The premise, or at least as much as I have, is that it’s a murder mystery at the crime section of a newspaper. You as the player will be an aspiring journalist at said paper who has to report on a murder.

Next Steps

I need to sketch out the story and work out the twists and turns. But I hope to have a short game produced by the end of the year, using a collage style of artwork (think the World of the Living from Grim Fandango).

Land of the Living. Always gives me the creeps. Grim Fandango

My initial thoughts about the How, is I need to design a flow chart so I can plot the player arc, work on the art creation and fully storyboard it all.

Should be a very interesting project and I’m not sure how the 2012 engine will hold up – my public pledge though is that if I do manage to make anything from it, I’ll donate 10% to the engine creators, because I’m nice like that!


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