The only games I’ve played in 2017

With my Xbox giving up the ghost, I’ve been limited in my access to games this year. Of course I could crack out the PC, as I’ve said in the past I’ve got such love for Freedom Force – but have been far to lazy to sit down and game.

My decision regarding the Xbox, is now to PS4, the Switch isn’t actually the winner I thought it might be. But whilst I wait to betray my Xbone roots; I’ve still been stuck with no way to play!

Gaming but not as you no it

But that’s not to say I haven’t played any games! But maybe not those which others would recognise. I’m not normally one for new years resolutions, but this year I’m getting on with learning French and drinking quality beer.

And you’d be right to ask, what is this article doing on squareblind.

Got to get those ‘Cheivos 

RPG mechanics haven’t just bled into every game released today, but even into applications. So just like my desire to grind through shooters like Borderlands, I’m also desperate to level up in French (apparently I’m currently Level 6). Further to gaining XP, I’m also awarded achievements.

Much like some on console, I’m not sure my recent awards are worth celebrating. To keep track of my drinking and encourage me to try new beers, I’ve been using Untappd. However when your 13 days into a month and I receive ‘Power Month‘, I’m not sure gamification is working properly.

Back to regular transmission

Of course, when I finally pick up the PS4, I’ll be glad to play ‘proper’ games, rather than pretend I’m gaming with my lifestyle apps. But it’s surprising how successful ‘gamifying’ processes can be when it comes to the mundane. Whilst it’s not going to work for everything, RPG mechanics are pervasive across all modern games and are working when it comes to creating the “new me”.



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