Reflections on Gaming

Some great thoughts on gaming immersion. But do video games need to be graphically stunning to be immersive?

The Electric Agora

by Daniel A. Kaufman

It’s no secret that I am a pretty committed gamer, something that has been true since 1979, when I first began playing Dungeons and Dragons. I was in the sixth grade, and the game resonated with me in a way that previously only novels and movies could, and with a significant difference: It offered a level of narrative immersion that simply went beyond anything that a novelist or director could provide in what are, essentially, passive media.

We are not only story tellers but story dwellers, by which I mean that we inhabit narratives as much as we create them. Elsewhere, I have alluded to the fact that we all need to feel that our lives are part of a compelling, significant story, a need that I think is serious and important and in some sense, fundamental and about which I will have more…

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