Tablets ARE better than PC for Gaming?

Many moons ago I was a PC gamer. A few weeks ago I returned to this hallowed tribe of the humanity or at least I took the first steps and downloaded Steam. It’s a fantastic platform but my ‘gaming rig’ isn’t. As I sat with my laptop and a gazillion PC games at my finger tips I thought I’d play it safe and go back in time to PC gaming days and I downloaded Freedom Force.

It didn’t work. Or at least the something in the game script is broken and instead of being a super-hero-led tactical-em-up, it was a perpetual running simulator. Dejected but with my £3 returned to me, I mused that I thought Steam was met to fix this – but dived back in and downloaded the sequel, Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich (FFv3R). And hooray – it worked!

Image result for freedom force vs. the third reich

Mystery story-line…

Like its predecessor it wallows in the world of comic’s Golden Age, its kitsch but that’s the point. In-line with its inspiration’s own mind-numbing leaps of narrative, FFv3R takes a squad of Silver-Age Avenger-a-likes back to WW2 and reveals, in the classic pulp-media fashion, a far greater disaster to the universe!

What I always loved about the Freedom Force series was the robust character creator, allowing players to create a robust table-top-esque pulp champion and what I learnt on playing the game several years on is I had far too much time back then! PC gaming gives you rich multi-layered gameplay, but it is a time-sink. Tablets and the devices use public transport and toilets means maybe FFv3R should move to these devices.

Whilst I may a ruined my cred with my console tenure, FFv3R is good but difficult with other demands. It runs fantastic and the graphics really pop, the comic style safeguards it from dating itself and could be ported elsewhere. It’s pseudo-turn-based and the world has moved on, so did the games producer Irrational who moved onto the titanic Bioshock series.

You can make a custom character… Or… (source)

Given how well it executes and the tactical turn-based approach this, and the earlier Freedom Force, perhaps should be moved over to tablets, but stream-lining some of the gameplay. It has the aforementioned robust character creator – but the squad construction would even allow for micro-transactions with the recruitment of the newer non-core characters.

Of course, the mention of micro-transactions would take many leap back in disgust – but on tablet one has to remember the lower price point, which is far lower than Steam (typically) means income sources have to be found. I’m going to keep plugging with PC gaming, but the more I think about it is maybe I should be moving to Tablets. As we approach the age of video-game streaming, maybe one day I’ll be able to play FFv3R on a tablet. Until then, maybe producers should look at porting some of their older title, particularly titles like Freedom Force, which in the age of super-hero blockbusters should proved lucrative.


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