Nintendo’s Terrifying Tokyo Olympics

Despite reports to the contrary, Nintendo must be flush with Pokemon Go cash has apparently gone and brought Japan. The handover during the Olympic ceremony is warning the world that Nintendo as morphed into a corporate powerhouse ripped straight from a nightmarish, dystopian future. Witness how they force a G20 leader in tawdry cos-play to become Nintendo’s mascot, despite Mr. Abe being neither Italian nor a plumber.


PM emerges from the back pipe via BBC

With brand-synergy being a thing, how do you run a Nintendo owned 2020 games is going to ruin the guts of the world’s top athletes, sure some competitors is Brazil were making their way through 20 Big Macs a day – but the alternative in Tokyo is a new meat stuff – Pokemon!


Grass-Type Surprise via Kotaku

Aside from treating us all to the future food of Poke-meat, GameFreak’s tent pole creation is also all over the Olympic’s game’s next logo, sure it looks like a wreath of flowers – but look closer… Circle with a circle – or is it a Pokeball!

Pokeballs capture 2020 via Japan Times

We won’t just be eating Pokemon during Tokyo 2020, they’ll also form a key part of the on-field equipment, you may have thought it was just a bean-bag, but highjumpers will also be landing on the stomach of a Snorlax!

Snorlax keeps you safe via Complex

How has Nintendo risen to this point where they can ruin the world’s premium celebration of athleticism? Well its clear they’ve been planning and practicing with there  Mario & Sonic at the Olympics games, the titanic Nintendo has swallowed there competition and has seen the Olympics already sell out to House of Mario.

Nintend-Olympics via Nintendo

By owning Japan, Nintendo are clearly planning to ruin the next Games! But why? Maybe its all part of a plan to sell more NXs…


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