Feature: 3 Greatest Retro Football Games

Before FIFA and before PES, there was a raft of different football games across early consoles. We showcased the following at Sensible Soccer Pro as for us the following titles represent some of the greatest football video games ever released.

Sensible Soccer aside, these titles won’t be re-made – but were influential in creating one the most popular gaming genre’s current form. The best features in these titles have been refined and filtered to create the FIFA and its ilk. Whilst Sensi, still has a strong community and remains one of the tightest games 24 years on.

World Cup Striker

Released in 1994 to coincide with the USA World Cup, the title was a marginal revamp of the original Striker game released two years earlier, both of which included possibly the first ever leisure centre-based, indoor five-a-side mode.

Sensible Soccer

Released in 1992 as a Super Nintendo port of the popular Amiga game. Once the leading football videogame title for the best part of the 1990’s, despite failing to include the offside rule. A fast paced and utterly addictive game built around adding swerve and after touch to shots and passes that dominated until the emergence of the more 3d polygon era of the Playstation in the 1990s.

International Superstar Soccer

The immensely predecessor of the immensely popular and ongoing Pro Evolution Soccer titles still produced by Konami.  The name is somewhat less dynamic than its Japanese counterpart known as ‘Live World Soccer Perfect Eleven’. Released in 1994, this is a much more recognisable game compared to modern Fifa and Pro Evolution titles, both in terms of view point and the inclusion of a sprint button.  However players tire in this game, so don’t forget substitutions if you are a fan of the sprint button.

Featured image is a picture of Johan Cruyff found on a post titled Cruyff, l’éternel enfant perdu de la finale de la Coupe du Monde 1974 on the Le Figaro blog.

Screenshots of games found on the following websites:

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