Feature: Dinosaurs are better than Star Wars

I like dinosaurs, I always have – whether it be Lizardmen, Argonians or otherwise; scaly, terrible beasts are what interest me. Star Wars, Rancors aside, doesn’t have dinosaurs.

My first Star Wars experience was the Phantom Menace and I liked it. Darth Maul was an awesome sight and thanks to  Star Wars Episode I: Racer, I too could race on Tatooine. Never as Anakin mind, even as a youngling, I knew he had a crap pod and an annoying voice.

The best tie-in to the franchise is Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Created by the excellent Raven Software, the title is importantly a game first. It does briefly features Mr Skywalker, but other than that a few select settings jettisoned the universe and lore to offer a streamlined game without weighing itself down by slavishly following the original trilogy.

It allowed me to create my own Jedi and have my own adventure, rather than worry about the mythology, sometimes my most tiresome element of Star Wars. I don’t care who shot first.

I have warmed to Star Wars – it just had to be explained at my level. Not by dinosaurs but in a block-based format. The remastered Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga gave me that fuzzy feeling and you can tell the love that Traveller’s Tales has for the franchise. There’s no way its enough love to get me into the first screenings of a film I’m indifferent about, but with dinosaurs ruined by science’s feathering,  sometimes I wish I was a fan, if only to get that sense of childlike wonder back.

I remember my excitement in going to see The Land Before Time or Jurassic Park. I won’t be at any midnight screenings on Thursday. I wish that excitement for all Star Wars fans and I hope its everything its meant to be.


Featured image is Binazorous Territorry by deviant art user lordeeas. Used without permission, please contact squareblind (at) email (dot) com if you are the copyright holder and wish this image to be removed.


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